Tapered Jeans

With our Coutié denim line we close the gap between streetwear and high end fashion. Premium tapered jeans made of high quality denim, with great attention to detail to meet the highest demands. All of this "Made in Europe" at affordable D2C prices with a first class customer service and smooth logistics.


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Tapered Denim V3 Repair Black WashTapered Denim V3 Repair Black Wash
Tapered Denim V3 Repair BlackTapered Denim V3 Repair Black
Tapered Denim V3 Repair Black Sale price63.700 CF
Tapered Denim V3 Repair Sky BlueTapered Denim V3 Repair Sky Blue
Tapered Denim V3 BlackTapered Denim V3 Black
Tapered Denim V3 Black Sale price58.400 CF
Tapered Denim V3 Repair Dark Indigo FadeTapered Denim V3 Repair Dark Indigo Fade
Tapered Denim V3 Old GreyTapered Denim V3 Old Grey
Tapered Denim V3 Old Grey Sale price58.400 CF
Tapered Denim V3 Black WashTapered Denim V3 Black Wash
Tapered Denim V3 Black Wash Sale price58.400 CF
Tapered Denim V3 Light BlueTapered Denim V3 Light Blue
Tapered Denim V3 Light Blue Sale price58.400 CF
Tapered Denim V3 Crystal BlueTapered Denim V3 Crystal Blue
Tapered Denim V3 Crystal Blue Sale price58.400 CF
Tapered Denim V3 Sky BlueTapered Denim V3 Sky Blue
Tapered Denim V3 Sky Blue Sale price58.400 CF
Tapered Denim V2 Mid BlueTapered Denim V2 Mid Blue
Tapered Denim V2 Mid Blue Sale price53.100 CF
Tapered Selvedge Denim Dark BlueTapered Selvedge Denim Dark Blue
Tapered Selvedge Denim Dark Blue Sale price37.200 CF Regular price74.300 CF
Tapered Selvedge Denim Blue WashTapered Selvedge Denim Blue Wash
Tapered Selvedge Denim Blue Wash Sale price37.200 CF Regular price74.300 CF
Tapered Denim Contrast Mid BlueTapered Denim Contrast Mid Blue
Tapered Denim Contrast Mid Blue Sale price23.900 CF Regular price47.800 CF
Destroyed Tapered Denim Contrast Mid BlueDestroyed Tapered Denim Contrast Mid Blue
Destroyed Tapered Denim Contrast Mid Blue Sale price26.600 CF Regular price53.100 CF
Tapered Denim Tint WashTapered Denim Tint Wash
Tapered Denim Tint Wash Sale price23.900 CF Regular price47.800 CF
Destroyed Tapered Denim Tint WashDestroyed Tapered Denim Tint Wash
Destroyed Tapered Denim Tint Wash Sale price26.600 CF Regular price53.100 CF
Sold out
Tapered Selvedge Denim Light BlueTapered Selvedge Denim Light Blue
Tapered Selvedge Denim Light Blue Sale price37.200 CF Regular price74.300 CF

Highest quality, available in selected washes.

Tapered Jeans for men

Coutié: Redefining Tapered Jeans Perfection for Men with the Tapered Fit

Coutié, a brand renowned for its flawless craftsmanship and innovative designs, proudly presents its exclusive collection of Tapered Jeans for men. In a world where fashion and comfort should go hand in hand, we have made it our mission to create Tapered Jeans with the perfect "tapered fit" that are not only top-notch in quality but also cater to the needs of modern men. With our production exclusively in Europe, we place special emphasis on precision in detail and the ethical aspect of manufacturing. Learn more about how Coutié is redefining your perception of Tapered Jeans with the ideal tapered fit.

The Art of Perfection in Production

Coutié's Tapered Jeans are the result of years of dedication to top-tier craftsmanship and design innovation. Our commitment to the highest quality is reflected in every step of our production. From selecting the finest materials to careful manufacturing in European workshops, we strive for nothing less than perfection. Our Tapered Jeans are designed with the ideal "tapered fit" to seamlessly conform to the contours of the male body without compromising style. With a variety of colors and washes, we offer a wide range of options to ensure you find the perfect fit and look for every occasion.

European Production: Uniting Quality and Ethics

A key feature that sets Coutié apart from other brands is our strict decision to produce our Tapered Jeans exclusively in Europe. This allows us to ensure the quality and ethics of manufacturing. Our European workshops prioritize craftsmanship and precision that is unparalleled in the world of fashion. Furthermore, we place great importance on adhering to ethical labor practices and environmental protection standards. Our production in Europe enables us to oversee the entire production chain, ensuring that both people and the environment are respected and protected.

Style and Versatility: Coutié's Tapered Jeans

Our Tapered Jeans for men represent not only a symbol of quality and ethics but also style and versatility with the perfect "tapered fit." We understand that men have different preferences and needs when it comes to their jeans. For this reason, we offer a wide range of designs and washes that easily integrate into any wardrobe. Whether you're looking for a classic blue jean for everyday wear or a trendy black jean for special occasions, Coutié has just what you need with the ideal tapered fit. Our Tapered Jeans will give you a distinctive elegance and confidence no matter where you go.

Worldwide Shipping and 14-Day Return Policy: Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

At Coutié, our mission is to satisfy our customers. That's why we offer worldwide shipping to ensure that our high-quality Tapered Jeans with the perfect "tapered fit" can reach men all over the world. We understand that sometimes finding the perfect fit online can be challenging. Therefore, we also offer a generous 14-day return policy. If you're not satisfied with your purchase or if the jeans don't meet your expectations, you can return them hassle-free. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we stand behind every product that bears the Coutié name.

Overall, Coutié Tapered Jeans for men with the ideal "tapered fit" are a symbol of quality, style, and ethics. Our European production allows us to meet the highest standards, while our wide selection of designs ensures that every man finds the perfect jeans for their individual style. With worldwide shipping and a generous return policy, we want to ensure your satisfaction. Discover the world of Coutié Tapered Jeans today and experience fashion on a new level.

Tapered Jeans FAQs


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Super great experience

Super nice, friendly and accommodating support in case of problems. Super high quality of the products. Just very satisfied with the complete package.

Kevin L.

Long-term report

I have been a very satisfied customer at Coutié for 6-7 years. The goods are always shipped very quickly and are of the highest quality. You can tell that there are people behind the label who think about it and try to bring new and interesting products onto the market. If you missed the 14-day period, there were no problems with the refund. :) That's why I'm always happy when I receive a new package. Because I know in advance that the products will satisfy me!


„Human Error“ Vans ❤️❤️❤️

Got my “human error” Vans a week ago, can’t be more happy! Love the design, smooth experience overall!


Bought customized vans for a present…

Bought customized Vans for a present and are amazing! Also been in touch with client support and they have been super nice to me!

Christoffer O.

Wonderful product

Wonderful product (custom made Vans sneakers), swift and easy to order and pick-up! Very satisfied indeed.


Coutie Vans SK-8 Hi

Really love Vans so when I saw the Coutie Sk-8 hi I couldn’t resist. Apart from the fact I missed it was a pre-order and there was a wait for it to be ready for delivery, the query was answered promptly and the shoes delivered quickly once I had been notified of them being dispatched. Will be keeping an eye out for more!

Pete M.

Awesome pair of custom Vans and good…

Awesome pair of custom Vans and good comms on international delivery too.


A great brand..

.. which deserves so much attention! The payment process and the delivery went without any problems and very quickly. But what really impressed me was the quality of the clothes. Very comfortable fit of the clothes and the materials just make you special! Things are a bit pricey, but for me it's definitely worth it! Will buy here again soon.


Very nice selection of products

Very nice selection of products, ordering online was super easy! Delivery went smoothly, I ordered Vans Old Skool Human Error and I love them ♥️

Tapered Jeans

These jeans are crafted with the utmost precision and care in European factories, using only the finest materials. The result is jeans that are not only durable but also embody an unmistakable style.