Vans Old Skool "Post Mortem" Custom

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Post-mortem is latin and stands for the time that has elapsed since a person has died, usually used as termn in medicine or criminology. With our "Post Mortem" Capsule Collection we are now transferring the topic to climate change and it's impact on our environment.

This Coutié x Vans Old Skool Post Mortem Custom comes in an all black colorway and has red prints on the side, front and toe box. On the backside there is a white dead tree print with an Coutié box logo printed above.

  • Limited to 1 pair per customer. Orders are subjected to cancelation if quantity exceeds.
  • Custom Vans Old Skool Sneaker
  • Red print on front, side & back
  • Custom laces in white
  • Limited quantities
  • This item is excluded from all promotion codes and offers
  • Please only handwash with care to avoid damaging the print
  • Schuhobermaterial : Textil / Synthetik
  • Innenmaterial : Textil
  • Sohle: Kunststoff
  • 70001-04

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