"The ancient principle moves and gives rise to yang. When the movement reaches its end, it becomes quiet, and that silence creates yin. Once that silence reaches its end, it begins to move again, leading to movement and silence alternating. Together, they form the basis from which the two forces yin and yang rise and where they rest." Alfred Forke, 1927

An old wisdom, but one could hardly describe today's events any better. Movement is followed by rest, rest is followed by movement. A constant cycle that will never stop. With our Yin Yang Capsule Collection, we want to draw attention to the inner balance that every human being can have, if he allows it to happen.

The collection includes two sweatshirts with sewn-in "Yin Yang" denim patches, as well as T-shirts and a Jogger Pant with a small logo print and a custom Vans SK8-Hi with black prints and orange laces. The collection will be released on 25.5. exclusively with us in limited quantities.