"Control is an Illusion" is the theme of our third Sneaker Release.

"The illusion of control is the tendency for people to overestimate their ability to control events that they demonstrably do not influence".

The Coutié x Vans Old Skool features a custom orange side stripe on an all black shoe, as well as a minimal white „Control is an Illusion“ print on the front and side. Our logo is printed on the back of the shoes, matching perfectly with the custom white laces.

For the release of our third take on a sneaker, we're changing our sales algorithm. The Coutié x Vans Old Skool "Control is an Illusion" custom can only be ordered during a limited preorder period. After that period is over, there won't be any more online release, so preordering is the only way to get the shoes. All shoes are made to order and will be shipped within 4 weeks. All orders must be paid within 24 hours to prevent cancelation.

The preorder of the Coutié x Vans Old Skool starts on Saturday 10/21/17 @ 10:00 AM CET online only and is limited to one pair per customer. The Pre-Sale ends on Sunday 10/29/17 at midnight.