The spirit of our brand has always been characterized by a multicultural background. For us, the focus is always the person / the human itself, not their nationality, skin color, religion, or sexual orientation. We all live on one planet where mutual respect should be natural.

In times of an ever growing social divide where almost no day passes without headlines on racism, xenophobia, social injustice, and unprecedented acts of violence, we want to rise to speak at the end of the year and send a clear message with our „One World“ capsule collection.

We stand for a tolerant and open world. One world.

The message of the „One World“ capsule collection is transported via logos in three different languages where the „One World“ slogan is printed in Chinese, Russian, or Farsi on top of the Coutié logo. The custom Vans Old Skool combines the prints of all three languages and comes with yellow laces.

The collection will be released on Friday, December 15 at 10 am in limited quantities. Members of our pre-release list will receive the order links 15 minutes in advance to make sure they can save themselves a piece.

Orders with more than one shoe will be cancelled immediately. Vouchers are not valid.